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This summer has, inadvertently,  become about focus and goals. I have had the chance to take on some amazing experiences which have been fantastic in their own right, but have also provided me with something I wasn’t expecting and definitely needed: motivation and a goal.

I spent a week at HarperCollins Publishers in London (home of the above wall of books), and three weeks later I am still enthusiastic, talking about it, and utterly convinced that I want to work in that kind of environment and in that sort of capacity, with books! The realisation that they can become more than just a hobby is fantastic, and I am so excited!

This, coupled with the fact that I have been given the incredible chance to write a book-related guest column for my local paper, are the primary motivations for the creation of this blog. The column is a guest column, and rightly so as once I begin again at university I can’t guarantee that I can commit the time, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it, and I am hoping that I can translate that time and writing into blog posts.

I am very excited to be trying blogging again, and I cannot wait to see what happens with it. Here’s to hoping that it is also of some enjoyment for my fellow bibliophiles. 🙂



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