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Life update: University

It’s is so typical; I go with undue confidence onto social media and exclaim with great enthusiasm ‘go and check out my blog, new posts every weekend’, and then, as I should have predicted, I miss two of my self-given deadlines in quick succession. So, given my tardiness I felt I should supply an explanation: I am back at university and had sorely underestimated how much energy and time living with freshers and catching up with my fabulous friends would take – not that I would miss making new friends or catching up with the old ones for anything. 

Third year begins properly on Monday and considering how worried and anxious I was, I am very excited – especially for my dissertation. whilst some of my modules are not causing me to jump up and down with excitement; I spent so much time last year complaining about the module choice (or lack of it), so this year I am determined to spend my last year at university focussed on the good and the end goal. Community engagement has allowed me to expand my CV, my dissertation, as I mentioned, is thoroughly exciting and allows me to research the impact of YA literature. Race and immigration should be an interesting topic, especially in this post-referendum climate, and I am hoping that the Gender module allows for greater exploration of non-binary genders and sexualities than I have had the chance to before.

However, no amount of positive thinking can distract me from the knowledge that the third year is acknowledged widely as the toughest of all the university years and I am sure that, although I only have timetabled lessons two days a week, I will be busy for far more time than that.

So, what’s the plan for blogging amongst all this? I can’t deny that I am worried about fitting it all in, but my plan is to maintain blogging as consistently as I can. I will aim to stick with the weekend posting schedule and spend as much time as possible engaging with other bloggers and their posts, which I thoroughly look forward to reading every time I log onto my WordPress Reader.

I want to end this post with a huge ‘Thank you’! Even amongst the tardiness and missing of schedules you lovely perusers of my blog are continuing to follow and interact with this little blog. I hugely appreciate it. It’s an over-used phrase, not least by myself, but it means so very very much and I cannot and will never be able to thank everyone who follows, likes, comments or even just pauses and considers clicking on the title of one of my posts enough.giphy

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