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Homely reading.

As much as I wish I were someone who could instantly become immersed in a book, no matter where I am, I am not. For me, setting is hugely important; and it must be comfortable. Give me a sofa with a mountain of cushions, a glorious summers day, grass and water, my bed, or a roaring fire and an armchair, again with a mountain of cushions, and I can relax and lose myself.

That isn’t the case at University.

Maybe it’s the implications of my room at University or the slight feeling of guilt I always feel if I am not doing work but I find it incredibly difficult to read at University. Watching Netflix is easy, in fact, it’s so easy it’s my go to procrastination technique. I can sit and watch BBC iPlayer of an evening with no problem, but sitting at my desk with a book, I am a constantly distracted.

Today, for instance, I am taking the day off. I have spent the last few weeks writing an essay during every available moment (hence no post over the weekend) and now that it has been submitted, buoyed by the first episode of the Gilmore Girls revival (no spoilers please!), the first ever #Bathbookbash, organised by the wonderful @JAVennall (, and a beginning-to-get-slightly-intimidating-TBR, all I want to do is curl up with a book and a cup of tea. However, I am unable to carry a mug to my room, and my only seating options are my wheelchair or my bed. I LOVE my bed, but it takes 15 minutes for me to arrange myself into a semi-stable position and 12 for my hip to ache.   😦

It is especially during this time of year, with short days, cold evenings and the knowledge that the cosy colourfulness of Christmas is just around the corner, that I really miss home and the comforts that go with it. 3 weeks of family, Christmas, Christmas songs, open fire and reading on the sofa; I cannot wait!


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  1. I can relate. When I was little, one of the great joys of my life was reading in a hidden corner behind/under the Christmas tree. I can’t imagine that I’ll ever find another reading spot like that!

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    • That sounds wonderful! I love reading in really atmospheric settings. Once, I think we were in Wales, there was a storm. It was horrible; wind, rain, really disgusting, but very impressive. I sat on the window seat, reading, with a blanket and the fire, whilst my family did a puzzle. It was the definition of cosy.

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