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Reading and Bookish Resolutions

2017 is over, tomorrow we will all be shaking our heads and muttering ‘this will take some getting used to’ with the annual humour as we struggle to remember that dates and appointments will now occur in an ‘8’ year. Each year, many us resolve to make changes in our lives; making resolutions to join the gym, quit smoking, spend more time outside or, as mine usually is, to become more of a morning person. Whilst I do have some resolutions, they’re neither very inventive or made with much conviction. That being said, I do have some goals and resolutions I want to try in regards to my reading and relationship with the books I read.

1. Read 45 books in 2018:

I read 60 books this year but only just. I love the idea of reading even more in 2018, but I’m not sure that that is going to happen. There were also times throughout the year when the pressure of being 4, 5, 6 books behind schedule actually made me less likely to pick up a book or made length the determining factor in my reading choices. I want to be reading books I want without being preoccupied with how much time it’ll take me.

2. Take part in a reading challenge:

My friend and fellow blogger, Amy, sent me this Reading challenge list the other day. Whilst, on reading through it again, I don’t think it’s quite the challenge for me, I do like the idea of completing something like that, and I also think that challenges like that can be good prompts for getting out of reading slumps. I haven’t yet found a challenge to complete but I am going to keep looking, and I am even toying with the idea of creating my own. Would anyone be interested in that?

3. Record every book I read:

I already record all my books on Goodreads but I’m feeling a little bit detached from the books I’m reading. I am really hoping that keeping a physical record will be a way of becoming more connected again … writing this feels a bit weird but I do sometimes feel as though technology can get in the way.

What’s more, it’ll finally give me a reason to use the very pretty notebook I was given a few Christmases ago.

4. Blogging:

I love this blog. I feel like I say this a lot but that maybe my actions don’t reflect that. Besides these past five weeks (Sunday the 24th not included – it was Christmas Eve after all) my posting has been sporadic at best. While I could quite legitimately use University as a bit of an excuse, it was also that I just lacked the motivation. However, the motivation appears to be coming back and, while I only want to say this tentatively, I am keen to make this year the year I really commit to this corner of the internet.



What resolutions do you have? Let me know in the comments below and, if you’re a fellow blogger, don’t forget to leave your links.


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  1. I completely agree with your sentiment in No.3. I am definitely going back to recording books using pen and paper next year as the Goodreads challenge can sometimes be too much. It’s fun to have a number in mind but sometimes you can end up reading massive 600 page books and that can change things!

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