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Under Cover: A series judging from the inside out

I am so excited to introduce Under Cover: A Series of Judging from the Outside In, a collaboration between myself and Amy Edmonds Blog. Through a series of 14 posts, 7 on each of our blogs we will explore and maybe change our conceptions about different genres and authors.

Here’s how it will work:

  • We will each pick 3 books for the other. However, before we send them to the other person, we will wrap the cover and spine of the book.
  • We must be clear on why we chose the titles we did, and they cannot be books we have mentioned in the last six months – this is to try and prevent the other person from guessing what the bo0k might be, because;
  • Only after we have finished the book can we reveal the title, cover, author etc.

Posts will work like this:

  • Posts will go up on a Sunday, which is our usual post days. However, it is very difficult to predict exactly what Sunday these will happen. As you can understand, we will be reading around our everyday lives, and it will also depend on the length of the chosen books. However, we aim to be as consistent as possible.
  • As one of us posts about the book we’ve just read, the other will publish a post about why that book was chosen, and vice versa – these will go up on the same day so you can switch between posts and see both perspectives.
  • The final post for both of us will be a conclusion. A post reflecting on what we have read and whether we have learnt anything, whether we will now read anything different, that kind of thing.

We’re both very excited for this collaboration, and to share it with you. We hope you enjoy it too and don’t forget to follow both blogs so that you don’t miss a post.

Additionally, Both Amy and I are active on Instagram and Twitter:

Amy: Amy Edmonds Blog | Twitter | Instagram

Rachael: Books Inter Alia | Twitter | Instagram



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