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Blogging future (a little clickbaity)

I realise that I have been really tardy with this blog. When I published my last post I really thought I was getting back to blogging; back to discussing my favourite pastime. That was a month ago and I hadn’t even opened WordPress between then and now. I’m sure your as bored of reading these very similar openings as I am of writing them – something needs to change.

This time of year, I always spend less time on my laptop. I want to be in the garden and, frustratingly, laptop screens and gloriously blazing sunshine don’t work well together. That being said, I am setting myself a challenge. It’s a seemingly easy challenge but I am hoping it will restart this habit, revitalise this blog (and me), and get myself back into the writing frame of mind. I am setting myself the completely achievable goal of publishing a new post at least every three weeks (hopefully, it’ll be more like every two weeks).

As I write, I am buzzing with ideas. It’s a nice feeling. It’ll be even nicer if I can follow through with those ideas – this has been the sticking point, keeping the motivation whilst my laptop loads. And then, not allowing myself to overthink what I am doing.

Whilst this post isn’t really a post, I wrote it in about ten minutes (I hope you can’t tell) and it has felt really nice to just put thoughts and feelings into words. Organic and free.

Thank you for sticking around! ❤


Feature image: Jess Watters from Pixabay

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