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More waffle than post.

Today would have marked the fourth week in a row that I haven’t posted anything on this blog. Whilst I am still somewhat unmotivated, and utterly swamped and burnt out with uni work, I just couldn’t let that happen.

As the title suggests, this is less likely to be a discursive post, a collection of my thoughts about a bookish topic, and more of a rambling catch-up,  an apology and a hesitant promise that I will try my hardest to get back to weekly posting. Feel free to stop reading here. Continue reading “More waffle than post.”

Empathy at work: Empathy and reading and writing.

A research seminar at Bath Spa University, chaired by Maggie Gee (who also spoke at the Past, Present, and Future of Reading panel I attended last year) and with speakers Professor Bambo Soyinka, Emma Geen, Dr Alison Lee and Dr Omar Al Khayatt, was where I found myself last Wednesday evening.  Continue reading “Empathy at work: Empathy and reading and writing.”

Yay for YA!

This post, accept from the last line which was edited for this post, was originally published in the Bridport News. I wrote for them, once a week, as a guest columnist.

The term Young Adult, to describe a literary demographic, was first developed in 1944 by librarian Margaret Scoggin. Although recognised for coining the term it was actually an employee of the New York public library, Anne Carroll Moore, who first identified the group in 1906. Continue reading “Yay for YA!”

When to read?

There used to be a time when a trip to the bookstore; Ottakers and later, Waterstones, would result in a silent drive home as I inevitably had my nose in my newly acquired book. I couldn’t even wait until I was home to delve into the new adventure, discover the newest characters and log out of reality for just a few hours – or until the last page is turned.  Continue reading “When to read?”

2016: Some parts were really great.

2016 is almost universally acknowledged as a bad year. Many people were lost, violence seemed to front every news story, and newspaper headline and the identity of some nations were changed, possibly forever. However, there were also good things that happened in 2016: A ban was placed on plastic micro-beads, the giant panda is no longer an endangered species, and dumping buckets of ice water onto the heads of celebrities, friends and family members helped to fund a huge breakthrough in ALS research. And there were also so many other amazing discoveries and changes that occurred during the year. As well as global positives there are also personal positives that I don’t want to forget as we move further into 2017. Continue reading “2016: Some parts were really great.”

End of Year Book Survey: 2016

The ‘End of Year Book Survey’ was first created seven years ago by Jamie on her blog The Perpetual Page Turner; she also created the featured image and the headers that I have used, with her permission, throughout this post.

This is my first time completing this survey, and I am very excited to share my answers with you. This is a very very long post so, grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine, find a snack and settle in. I hope you enjoy reading my answers as much as I enjoyed thinking about and writing them. Continue reading “End of Year Book Survey: 2016”

Book Haul: Christmas.

Apologies for not being very consistent for the past few weeks; tinsel and baubles took over my brain, leaving not much room for anything else. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas / Holiday time. How did you spend them?

As happens most years, I received a lot of wonderful books for Christmas. Some I asked for, others are a complete surprise, but all of them are very exciting. As seems the tradition among book bloggers and book lovers alike (and I love it!), I thought I’d share these new additions to my bookshelves with you. Continue reading “Book Haul: Christmas.”

Book review: Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend.

Title: Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend

Author: Katarina Bivald

Publication: September 2016 by Vintage

It has been a long time since I picked up a book on a whim. I usually go to a book shop with a list, or at least an idea, of what I want to pick up. However, there was something about this book that I just couldn’t resist. Continue reading “Book review: Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend.”

The past, present, and future of reading.

Huge Thank you to Ambient Literature, Bath Spa, and everyone else involved who made this talk possible. I have never left a seminar with so much enthusiasm, excitement, questions and ideas. And thank you to Sarah (, who told me it was happening and invited me along. 

Last Thursday I was fortunate enough to attend an academic seminar, for which I was horribly underdressed: ‘The past, present and future of reading’. With a dream to work in publishing I was intrigued and excited to soak up as many opinions and ideas as I could; maybe even share a few of my own.

Continue reading “The past, present, and future of reading.”

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