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The past, present, and future of reading.

Huge Thank you to Ambient Literature, Bath Spa, and everyone else involved who made this talk possible. I have never left a seminar with so much enthusiasm, excitement, questions and ideas. And thank you to Sarah (, who told me it was happening and invited me along. 

Last Thursday I was fortunate enough to attend an academic seminar, for which I was horribly underdressed: ‘The past, present and future of reading’. With a dream to work in publishing I was intrigued and excited to soak up as many opinions and ideas as I could; maybe even share a few of my own.

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Homely reading.

As much as I wish I were someone who could instantly become immersed in a book, no matter where I am, I am not. Continue reading “Homely reading.”

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them. I wanted to find some eloquent and original way of expressing my feelings, but the only way I can vocalise my feelings is magical; it was completely and utterly magical. Continue reading “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

The Goodreads effect: Competitive reading?

Originally published in the Bridport News. I wrote for them, once a week, as a guest columnist.

Books are beginning to find their place online. Whilst this allows exploration of new genres and new authors in the reassurance of reviews and ratings submitted by those we have decided to ‘friend,’ there are other ways in which this hyper-sharing is influencing our reading habits.  Continue reading “The Goodreads effect: Competitive reading?”

Book tag: Unpopular opinions.

I’ve had this tag on the back burner for a while now. It was a post I contemplated doing at the beginning of this blog’s life as a way of showing and exploring some of my bookish opinions but it never felt like the right thing to post, or I had other ideas. This week has been quite busy and, as I also haven’t been feeling 100% well, I thought this would be perfect. It’s fun, it’s easy, and hopefully, it’ll get you sharing your thoughts and (unpopular)opinions. So let us dive in, fingers crossed I don’t ruffle too many feathers…

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Inspired by and in response to Louise Gornall.

Note: I have a physical disability, Cerebral Palsy, but I am very unlikely to have had the same experiences as Louise Gornall, or the main character she is writing. I have had surgery; I have a scar, and that’s okay with me. This is purely one individual, who has a disability, reacting and thinking about how the announcement of a book about a disabled girl made me feel …. what it has made me think about.

Louise Gornall, a unicorn loving, pink-haired, wonder of an author is in the process of writing her second novel. ‘Under rose-tainted Skies’ is one of my top reads of 2016 and a book that I urge everyone to read; I have no doubt that it is a story I will be thinking about for a long time. So, as you may expect, I was extremely excited when the announcement tweet appeared on my feed. Continue reading “Inspired by and in response to Louise Gornall.”

Bath Children’s Literature Festival, a signed book haul.

Last Saturday I had the best day. It was fun, it was exciting, it was inspiring, it was exhausting, it was great. Last Saturday I attended Bath Children’s Literature Festival. It was a complete fluke that I went; I didn’t even know it was a thing until the Monday before when I happened to snag the leaflet off the checkout at Waterstones (If you want to know what I bought in Waterstones on that Monday and also on the Saturday, click here). If I am honest I wasn’t even entirely aware that said leaflet was for the Children’s Festival, I had been sort of hoping that it was another Bath ‘adult’ Literature Festival, but imagine my excitement when I discovered that they were going to be hosting a YA day. The excitement was followed by even greater excitement when I finally realised, after 3 years of living in Bath, that The Forum, where the YA events were being held, was not only on my bus route but was opposite New Look!  Continue reading “Bath Children’s Literature Festival, a signed book haul.”

Friends and books, a book haul.

Last week was all about catching up with friends who I had not seen in a while; having a natter and a laugh. It was lovely. Like me, these friends enjoy a stroll up the hill to Waterstones (one friend is a fellow, far more consistent, book blogger over at DoodleMole Reader, I highly recommend you go and check out the reviews she writes) and who am I to so no to book browsing –  okay okay, buying!

I always enjoy reading and watching book hauls and, as I have acquired quite a stack and a really aesthetically pleasing one at that, I thought I’d give it a try and share with you the outcome of the two trips to Waterstones.  Continue reading “Friends and books, a book haul.”

Life update: University

It’s is so typical; I go with undue confidence onto social media and exclaim with great enthusiasm ‘go and check out my blog, new posts every weekend’, and then, as I should have predicted, I miss two of my self-given deadlines in quick succession. So, given my tardiness I felt I should supply an explanation: I am back at university and had sorely underestimated how much energy and time living with freshers and catching up with my fabulous friends would take – not that I would miss making new friends or catching up with the old ones for anything.  Continue reading “Life update: University”

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