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Review Policy


Although Books inter alia is about books, its primary focus will not be on reviewing books I have read. That being said, there may be books that I read and feel that I want to write about. As a result, I am open to receiving books for review, however, if received a review is not guaranteed, and I am unable to specify how long it will be before a review is posted. 

If I receive a book for review, and I read it, I will log it on Goodreads. I do not review books on Goodreads, but I do shelve and rate them.

My preferred format is:

  • Hardcopy
  • Paperback

(Please contact me for a postal address)

Other formats will be considered but are less likely to be read, and the review is likely to take more time.

Preferred genres are (in no particular order):

  • fiction
  • contemporary
  • romance
  • YA
  • fantasy (realism and contemporary)
  • Anything that deals with mental health

I will consider books of other genres, but these are the genres most likely to be accepted/reviewed.

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