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Wheelchairs in Scotland.

So, I didn’t really want to make this my first proper post because it’s not about books. My plan was to write it and save it until after I had published a post about books but then I thought ‘Oh well, this post might be of some use to someone’. Fingers crossed for a post about books next time.

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or if you’re a friend who I’ve told, you’ll know that I’ve been in Scotland recently. The family holiday began with me and my mum in Edinburgh, followed by a week in Pitlochry with my dad and sister. It was all entirely beautiful. I am 100% glad that I put aside my ‘but I don’t want to spend the summer holiday in the rain’ because it was wonderful, surprisingly rain-free and the people were so lovely.

Obviously, it depends on which parts of Scotland you’re in (I highly doubt that the little islands up north are going to have disabled toilets), and how much support you need, but I was pleasantly surprised by the accessibility and facilities that were around.

  • There was disabled access where I didn’t expect there to be any disabled access (even in an old mill and a cafe catering to skiers in the Cairngorms)
  • All the public toilets we used also had a disabled toilet
  • There were a lot of public toilets
  • Everyone wanted to help and make sure I had the best experience possible

I know there’s a lot about the disabled toilets but its so frustrating when you really need to go and all that’s available are tiny little cubicles!

But really the main purpose of this post is to highlight the lodge we stayed in during our time in Pitlochry. In a very does-what-it-says-on-the-tin type way, it was called The Lodge. It’s a three bed, three bath/shower room lodge overlooking Loch Fiskally. If that doesn’t sound amazing enough, one of the bathrooms, the biggest, was a wet-room with more than enough space for a wheelchair, rails, and a shower seat!

So, if you’d considered Scotland but scrapped the idea in case of wheelchair/disabled inaccessibility, I say don’t! Honestly, people were going out of their way to be helpful, and it seemed to me that Scotland had a fantastic ethos around inclusion and disability …

Going to be, at some point, posting about Edinburgh … If you like Harry Potter, I suggest you keep your eyes peeled. It was a Potterheads dream destination!

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